At Last
by Cliff Constable

Well the big day's arrived and we've all gathered here,
To wish Matt and Shelley the best of good cheer.
Now Matt as you know, loves surfing the net,
It was through the computer he and Shelley first met.
They swapped all their details in this chat room Matt found,
Shelley knew round her finger she'd soon have Matt wound.
With the emails soon flowing at a very fast rate,
Matt was slowly but surely accepting his fate.

When he read Shelley's offer to see her collection,
His glasses fogged up and his mouse lost direction.
But before Matt realised she meant teddy bear
He had rushed round and packed and booked his airfare.
When he turned up at Shelley's he wasn't left speechless,
There was endless soft toys and cuddly creatures.
But Shelley soon showed she was more than stuffed bears,
Matt could see them together for many years.

It wasn't long before they could not be apart,
So off to Sydney did Shelley depart,
Poor Graeme did worry, this did not seem right,
But Shelley and Matt showed they were really quite bright,
Cause they hatched up this scheme and I think you'll agree,
It's a pretty good life when you've got it rent free.

Now Robyn and Alan didn't know what to say,
They thought Shelley was visiting just for a day.
As the weeks rolled along and she never moved out,
They could see Matt was happy with Shelley about.
So Alan was told there was nothing to fear,
Although Robyn could see he was loosing more hair.

As a Mum Robyn knew the food Matt wouldn't eat,
So Shelley was taught how to cook his best treat.
It took months of hard practise to master this art
As when served up this meal just went straight to his heart.
The chips and the sausages really tasted devine
He could see life with Shelley was going to be fine.

So they packed up and found their own place to stay,
It was just like living home `except having to pay'
With the Barbie to cook on Matt was honing his skills
While Shelley was shopping and running up bills,
So Matt took the plunge and he dropped to one knee
The ring that he showed her was awesome to see
Shelley thought long and hard but she just could not wait
She yelled out a yes and they soon set a date

So the knot has been tied and I'm sure you'll agree
That the bride is a picture real pretty to see.
The grooms looking smug and he's scrubbed up quite well
What they do on their honeymoon he just will not tell
But Shelley will blindfold all the bears in their room
So Matt and his mouse will be over the moon.

Now the night is still young and there is a great spread,
No chance of you sneaking off early to bed.

3rd April 2004