It was still raining as we left Niagara Falls, but the sun came out as we headed down the freeway towards Toronto. The traffic was light until we got closer to the city, then all of a sudden we came to a stop thanks to the expressway being closed for roadworks.

After another half hour stuck in traffic, our bus arrived at the first hotel – where it got stuck as there was not enough room for it to turn around in their driveway. Eventually we made it to our hotel, the Delta Chelsea.

Downtown Toronto seemed unbelievably busy for a saturday afternoon. We had lunch at the Eton Center and dropped my film from Churchill in to be developed. After some shopping we picked up the photos and headed back to the hotel. We headed to bed rather early, it was great after being on the move for most of the last three weeks.

Today we had a tour of the city on Grayline’s “Hop on, hop off” tour. Our first stop was the CN Tower, which was rather disappointing when compared with Sydney or Auckland’s towers. Most of the main viewing deck was taken up with a cafe, so after a few photos, we headed downstairs to the “glass floor” deck. I was expecting most of the floor to be clear, but no. They had a section of a few square metres made of glass, and the view out the window was obsecured by the closed outside observation area which has a metal safety grill. Even Calgary’s much shorter tower was more impressive.

Back on the bus, the tour took us around most of the east side of the city, and eventually up north to the big house on the hill. 20 minutes later we were back at the bus terminal where we started the tour. We then headed for a nearby park to shoot squirrels, with my camera.

Tomorrow we’re headed home. I can’t believe it has been almost three weeks, and it has been an amazing three weeks. We’ll have a few hours in town tomorrow and then we’re headed for the airport to begin our day and a half trip home.

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