Niagara Falls

We left the Winnipeg Four Points and headed for the airport, I don’t think the staff at the security checkpoint were too happy with having to hand screen my 14 rolls of film, but I really didn’t want my undeveloped polar bear photos being x-rayed. Yet again I had to have my camera bag tested for explosives – they did that in Calgary too, I’m not sure why other than the “It has a lot of camera equipment in it” excuse given by the Winnipeg staff.

The flight to Toronto was rather bumpy, but it was nice to be on a “big” plane again. I know an A319 isn’t really big, but it at least had overhead bins that could fit my large camera backpack unlike the CRJ-705 from Calgary and the twinprops to and from Churchill. At least the prop planes had a special compartment for oversized carryon, unlike the RJ. I think next time I’ll use Westjet instead of Air Canada, as they have an all 737 fleet with large overhead bins.

Toronto Airport has a very slow baggage service. It took about half an hour for our bags to appear. After picking up our bags, we went searching for the Niagara Air Bus desk to check in. Eventually we found it, and had a short wait for the bus.

After a 90 minute bus trip, we had arrived at The Brock hotel in Niagara Falls. It was raining. I guess the rain didn’t really matter, as we were going to get a bit wet anyway thanks to the falls. All I have to say is Yay for Gortex.

The Brock hotel is interesting.. It has stairs at the front, which is a pain for anybody who has suitcases. Secondly, check-in is on the 2nd floor. Our room was on the 11th floor, but the main lifts only go to floor 10. To get to 11 and 12, you have to change at the 9th floor for a “private” elevator to 11 & 12. All that effort to get to our room was worth it, as the view was spectacular, even with the rain.

The Niagara Falls area is very tourist orrientated, and I hated it. It seemed like a giant version of Lunar Park. The actual falls area is nice, but the main streets are full of tourist traps. The “Maid of the Mist” wasn’t running, as it stops for the winter, but we did go behind the falls. $11 each for a 10 minute walk down a wet tunnel to see a wall of water. We want our money back.

By far the best part of the stay was seeing the falls at night from our room, as they are lit up. That made it all worth it.

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