Our second day on the Tundra Buggy

Today started the same as the first day, except it was cooler – we had a frost on the ground. This was a good thing, as it meant the bears were much more active.

We again met Bob on buggy #10 and set off into the tundra. It wasn’t long before we saw our first bears – this time a mother with a cub! The bad part was it was too close to the other buggy company’s lodge, so we couldn’t get as close as we would have liked.

It wasn’t long until we saw our next bear, this one was walking up to another buggy. Eventually it came over to our buggy, and decided we were much more interesting than the other buggy – as it tried to look into our buggy three times – once each on both sides, and the rear deck!

We had to break off from this bear to move into position for the helicopter to take us on our half hour tour. The heli tour was excellent – I wish we went on the full hour instead now. We saw 6 moose and a big bear, along with an excellent overview of the Churchill area. The people on the hour tour say they saw many many bear, including two sets of cubs and a pair of bears play-fighting. I won’t fully believe them until I see their photos :)

The long day on the tundra went by too quickly – I wish I could have stayed out there all week. We saw a few more bears, but they were sitting around conserving their energy while waiting for the bay to freeze. We saw a few birds such as tparmigan and goose, and several Artic Hares. We even saw a seal in the water, some of the group thought it was looking for another seal that was caught on the rocks yesterday, and was caught and eaten by a bear – as that kill site was very close by.

On the way back to the Launch, we spotted what we first thought was a Lemming, but turned out to be a Weasel. It was very small, and moved very very quickly – so quickly I couldn’t get a decent photo of it as the light wasn’t the best this late in the afternoon.

We arrived back at the launch and said thankyou and goodbye to Bob, and headed back in to town for dinner. Yet again we set the alarm for 1am, in an attempt to see the northern lights. Yet again we didn’t see anything.. :(

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