Our first day on the Tundra Buggy

It’s 8am and we’re on the bus to the “Launch” – the starting point of our Tundra Buggy adventure. We arrive after a bumpy half hour bus ride and board buggy #10 where we are greeted by our driver, Bob. The buggy is only half full, which means our group gets a seat (and a window) each.

If we thought the bus ride was bumpy, the buggy was even worse! We crawled along at walking pace for about half an hour, and then we see our first bear. Bob stops the buggy, and we either open the window, or head out to the viewing deck on the back of the buggy and start taking photos. I think I took about 300 photos of this first bear :)

A while later we spotted our second bear, sitting in the seaweed on the beach. All the bears today were sitting around resting – it was about 2 degrees, cold for us, but hot for a polar bear.

All up we saw about 7 bears – some of our group claim 11, but I think we saw a few bears twice :)

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