We arrived in Calgary mid-afternoon, and checked in to our hotel. We’re on the 19th floor and I can see 16 or so wireless access points – and every single one is properly secured! I assumed when the hotel said they had high speed internet, that they would have wifi to the rooms. No, they have a small “business center” consisting of 2 PCs and a space to plug your laptop in. So I’ve been here for 2 days and only now had a chance to get in here to upload my photos.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. Calgary at this time of year doesn’t seem to be a tourist hotspot, as the zoo was fairly empty (except for those annoying school kids). I got some more good photos – I love my new 100-400mm lens, I haven’t even tried to use my 70-200, so I might sell it when we get back home. The weather is overcast, but not too cold – the view from the Calgary Tower was okay, but not great.

Today I dropped the 8 rolls of film I’ve used so far in to be developed, and we went for a walk in the island park to the north of the city in the Bow river – this is the same river that runs through Banff. We saw lots of squirrels, and some of them came right up close to our feet – Shelley wants to bring one home with us.

I picked up the photos, they look alright – I still prefer the digital SLR over the film, but the film SLR has the advantage of better wide angles. The solution to this problem would be to buy a 5D, but shelley says I’d have to buy too many bears to make up for a $5000 camera. We also bought a new suitcase at Hudson’s Bay Company (think Myer or DJs) as Shelley’s had broken.

I finally managed to get access to the laptop desk in the Business Center, Shelley went back upstairs with my access card, so I’m stuck here. She said to just knock on our room door – but the lifts require the access card so I can’t even get up to our floor. I wonder when she’ll realise this and come down with the other card.

Tomorrow we’re off to Winnipeg, I hope the Sheraton Four Points has better Internet access than here – I’ll have several thousand photos of polar bears I’ll want to upload :)

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